Bump’R: Bump and release versions

Bump’R is a version bumper and releaser allowing in a single command:

  • Clean-up release artifact
  • Bump version and tag it
  • Build a source distribution and upload on PyPI
  • Update version for a new development cycle

Bump’R intend to be customizable with the following features:

  • Optionnal test suite run before bump
  • Customizable with a config file
  • Overridable by command line
  • Extensible with hooks

The main goal is to provide a release workflow without manual intervention.


Bump’R requires Python 2.6+


You can install Bump’R with pip:

$ pip install bumpr

or with easy_install:

$ easy_install bumpr


You can use directly the command line to setup every parameter:

$ bumpr fake/__init__.py README.rst -M -ps dev

But Bump’R is designed to work with a configuration file (bumpr.rc by defaults). Some features are only availables with the configuration file like:

  • commit message customization
  • hooks configuration
  • multiline test, clean and publish commands

Here’s an exemple:

file = fake/__init__.py
vcs = git
tests = tox
publish = python setup.py sdist register upload
clean =
    python setup.py clean
    rm -rf *egg-info build dist
files = README.rst

unsuffix = true
message = Bump version {version}

suffix = dev
message = Prepare version {version} for next development cycle

file = CHANGELOG.rst
bump = {version} ({date:%Y-%m-%d})
prepare = In development

id = fake

This way you only have to specify which part you want to bump on the command line:

$ bumpr -M -s rc4  # Bump the major with an 'rc4' suffix
$ bumpr     # Bump the default part aka. patch

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